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My wife has made a lot of friends on Disney's ToonTown . One of the people who has been very kind to both her and to ALWH2K4 is Cheryl Perlmutter, aka Ms. Dale. Over the next couple of weeks, ALWH2K4 will be moving over to the hosting service she uses, as she has agreed to host our website and email. We at ALWH2K4 would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Dale for her kindness. ALWH24K has now moved to its new home sharing a server with Net-Marks.com. Please feel free to check out their site when you've finished looking at mine. Please show them that you appreciate their help in keeping this site and this walk alive.

8 Aug 04 [Everett, WA-- 2901.4 miles from Round Rock, TX]
The walk is over! On 1 Aug, I arrived at my father's home. The last 650 miles or so were covered by riding with a truck driver to Portland and renting a truck the rest of the way. The total miles walked were just about 1400. I'll update the last part of the trip when I arrive back in Austin, and then start writing the book. I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way. This has been an absolutely marvelous trip and I have met so many great people. Thank you, everyone who has offered money, lodging, food and encouragement.

26 Jul 04 [Fruitland, ID -- 2231.6 miles from Round Rock, TX]
After a visit from Ann, we are back on the road again. We've made it to my step-brother, Steve's, house in Fruitland, Idaho, just on the border of Oregon. Tomorrow we'll head to Oregon.

03 Jul 04 [Emmett, ID -- 2207.8 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We are now in the home of another Laughing Place friend of Ann's. Dena (Lady Kluck) and James Stanger have been kind enough to open their homes to us for the next four weeks until Ann flies in to Boise to see us. So we are taking a well-earned vacation. For this reason, the site will be updated less frequently until we hit the road again. If anything special happens, during our R&R, I'll file a trip report. Ann should be here on 23 Jul and leave on 25 Jul. We should resume our trip on 26 Jul.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to all the Laughing Place readers who have helped us along the way.

23 Jun 04 [Twin Falls, ID -- 2038.2 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Well, we had to take another ride. At first I felt guilty about not meeting my goal, but I came to the realization that the goal was not realistic, as I had no idea of what I would encounter on this trip when I made it. While it is still my intention to walk as much of this trip as possible, I will probably find it necessary to take more rides before we finish. With that said, I must state that I am quite proud of what we have managed to do on this trip. With about 800 miles ahead of us, we have already walked farther than the Mormon pioneers did. They walked 1300 miles to reach Salt Lake City. We still have hundreds of miles to walk, and feel that we have accomplished what we set out to do. As I've said before, we appreciate all of you have taken this journey with us, and hope that we have not disappointed anyone. We certainly haven't disappointed ourselves.

16 Jun 04 [West Bountiful, UT-- 1819.5 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Just a note. We won't be able to update from the tent any longer. Our new handset doesn't have an IR port to use it as a modem, and the necessary cable is not part of the package. I'll be updating from motels as I reach them.

05 Jun 04 [Nephi, UT-- 1709.2 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We chose to take a 324.2 mile ride yesterday to escape the desert heat. This has put us just a little over 20% ridden. We've used all of the miles that we had allowed for riding this trip. We sincerely hope that this doesn't disappoint any of our readers.

25 May 04 [Right of Way near Grasshopper Junction, AZ -- 1282.9 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Reader Ben Buchwald pointed out that the link on the Report page for 22 May was linked to the route, not the report. That has been repaired. Thanks Ben!

23 May 04 [Holiday Inn Express in Kingman, AZ -- 1254.4 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Three things I want to note here today. As I am doing the updates now, I'll no longer be putting update notices in the Breaking News section. To see if the site has been updated since you last read it, please look to bottom of the navagation pane. The date it was last updated will be listed there. As I am using my cell phone to update from the road, updates will happen sometime after 21:00 Pacific.

Second thing I'd like to note here. I should have commented on this when I updated in Williams, but I didn't. Woody, Nala and I would like to thank two people for making it possible for us to see the Grand Canyon. Lucy Hanouille, a very dear friend, paid for most of the cost of the train ride there and back, and Ann Labuda, my beloved wife, paid the rest, and the cost of the tour. Without these two, we'd never have been able to make it to the Grand Canyon. So we want to recognize them for their contributions.

Third, and certainly not least, I'd like to recognize, and thank, my mother and step-father, Cherie & Dave Radley. They have invested over $2000.00 in keeping this walk going, and they have been very supportive emotionally. There have been a couple of times when we were ready to give up and they have been there to offer monetary and emotional support. Without their support, this walk would have been over a long time ago.

So, I'd like to say thank you to these three, who have been so supportive of what we're doing, and to all of you who have supported us.


18 May 04 [Right of Way near Crockton, AZ -- 1160.3 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We've updated the site from the middle of the wilderness using our cell phone. This is the first time we have done this, and we're very excited, because it offers us the opportunity to update the site nightly. We hope to do so for as long as we are able.

17 May 04 [Ash Fork, AZ -- 1145.6 miles from Round Rock, TX]
The site has been updated using our cell phone. Hopefully we'll be able to continue using the cellphone when we're on the road. We're at a motel in Ash Fork, but have no phone in the room. We left Williams this morning. Our first hotel there had no phone and the second had a phone system incompatible with modems.

13 May 04 [Flagstaff, AZ -- 1090.7 miles from Round Rock, TX]
The site has been updated and we are leaving this morning. We're two days out of Williams, Arizona, where we hope to spend two to three nights and ride up to the Grand Canyon. The site is up to date including yesterday's report.

12 May 04 [Flagstaff, AZ -- 1090.7 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric, Woody, Nala, George and Roo have spent the last week in Flagstaff, AZ. We've got the cart fixed and picked up most of the supplies we need. We'll spend tonight here, then tomorrow we'll continue our walk.

As an additional note, I'd like to congratulate Josh on becoming Project Manager for his robotics team. They have an upcoming competition, and are very busy preparing. Josh has done a marvelous job keeping the site updated, and I thank him for it, but I have decided to resume the job of maintaining the site.

So, thank you Josh for your hard work, and congratulations on your promotion.

06 May 04 [Flagstaff, AZ -- 1090.7 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric, Woody, Nala, George and Roo traveled the 54.5 miles from Winslow to Flagstaff in three days and are are spending the night at The Pinecrest Motel in Flagstaff, Arizona. Eric has updated the Businesses That Care, Reports from the Road and My Route sections.

03 May 04 [Winslow, AZ -- 1036.2 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric, Woody, Nala, George and Roo are are spending the night at The Winslow Inn in Winslow, Arizona. Eric has updated the Businesses That Care, Caring People and My Route sections. He's sent the reports for the last 4 days to Josh.

28 Apr 04 [Holbrook, AZ -- 1001.1 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric, Woody and Nala are are spending the night at The Days Inn in Holbrook, Arizona. Eric has updated the Businesses That Care, Caring People and My Route sections. He's sent the reports for the last 9 days to Josh.

8 Apr 04 [Albuquerque, NM-- 764.4 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric, Woody and Nala are spending a week in Albuquerque waiting for the weather to clear.

1 Apr 04 [Moriarty, NM-- 724.7 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric made an appointment at the local clinic for a checkup for tomorrow, so we stayed an extra night. The Cozy Inn was kind enough to comp us a second night!

31 Mar 04 [Moriarty, NM-- 724.7 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We made Moriarty, New Mexico today and I've updated the routes. I'll be sending the Reports to Josh tonight and they'll probaby be up tomorrow. We're about 3 days from Albuquerque, and all things being equal we should leave tomorrow morning.

26 Mar 04 [Vaughn, NM-- 656.3 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We hit Vaughn, New Mexico yesterday and got a room, fought a virus and transmitted our updates to Josh. We stayed an extra day and will head out tomorrow. Moriarty is about 6 days away, so figure that the next updates will be in about a week.

19 Mar 04 [Roswell, NM-- 562.2 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Ok. Spent the day working on the site. The new Photo Gallery is up, and I've started by uploading some of the more interesting pictures. I shall continue to post pictures until the pictures are all up and visible. I hope this enhances your enjoyment of the site. Updates have been transmitted to Josh. Peace out!

17 Mar 04 [Roswell, NM-- 562.2 miles from Round Rock, TX]
The cart died and Eric and Woody had to get a ride into Roswell. Reports have been sent to Josh and should be available tomorrow.

11 Mar 04 [Tatum, NM-- 488.5 miles from Round Rock, TX]
We crossed over the border yesterday. And spent last night and tonight in Tatum, NM. We will probably spend tomorrow, too, depending on the weather. Reports have been sent to Josh and should be available tomorrow.

07 Mar 04 [Brownfield, TX -- 425.5 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Well, the day is at hand. In less than 50 miles, I cross over the border into New Mexico. I have updated the Routes thus far, and forwarded the other updates to Josh, so they will probably be up sometime tomorrow.

Important note about site updates

For those of you who have written asking about updates, please be aware of the time frame involved in updating the site. Woodrow and I walk for a day, and then we sit down and write a trip report. If we're not in a motel room, we save the report, and go to bed. If we are in a motel room, we update the routes, and then send an email to Josh with all the trip reports we've written on the road, names of people and businesses to update on the appropriate pages, etc. These usually go out late at night. The next morning, Josh gets the updates. He then updates the website. Because of this, there may be several days without site updates. All I can say is: Please be patient. Just because there hasn't been an update in a few days doesn't mean that we've quit. It simply means that we've not been able to send the updates to Josh.

04 Mar 04 [Post, TX -- 370.6 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Well, after spending two and a half days at the Best Western in Post, Eric and Woody will be heading towards Brownfield tomorrow. The Weather Channel has forecast clear weather until, at least, Wednesday. Eric and Woody hope that this is an accurate forecast, and hope to cross over into New Mexico on the 11th or the 12th.

29 Feb 04 [Snyder, Tx -- 320.1 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Somehow, I never expected to be hit in the face with images of starving American children. This should not happen here. Please read my latest Meanderings and, in the name of Jehovah and his son, Jesus, please let's work together to fix this. This is wrong, and it's evil.

28 Feb 04 [Snyder, Tx -- 318.8 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Right now, Josh is handling the Reports from the Road. I'll be giving him more of the sections as I figure out how to explain them. Today I have updated Routes, Businesses and People. I have sent Josh the new updates for Reports.

25 Feb 04 [Sweetwater, TX -- 274.4 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric has accepted the services of Josh Cates as Webmaster. He will be transitioning the Webmastering duties to him over the next couple of weeks. Today's updates include People, Businesses, and Routes. New Reports should be available very soon.

I received an email and a donation today from Sherron Foster, in memory of her son Kirk who was killed on US-70 in an auto accident last Easter. I passed by the site yesterday. I would like to ask everyone who reads this site to remember Kirk on Easter Sunday this year, and also remember him every day when you are out there driving. Remember, that when you are behind the wheel of a car, you hold more lives in your hand than just those who are riding with you. Please be careful so that no other grieving mothers find themselves sending donations in the name of a child they'll never see again.

Thank you.

23 Feb 04 [Sweetwater, TX -- 267.3 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric has spent hours updating the site, only to accidentally delete his efforts. So, the site has not been updated. Because this is not the first time, and because the site is an integral part of the walk, Eric has requested the help of a web programmer who can help make sure that this site continues to grow, while Eric concentrates on walking and writing. Since the 20th, Eric has stayed in two hotels since the last update. He was so tired when he reached the first, that he didn't do any updates. At the second, he was up until 01:30 doing updates, and then accidentally erased it. For this reason, there are no updates at this time. We are very sorry for this.

20 Feb 04 [Abilene, TX -- 219.9 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric's shin splint is almost gone.
Updates to Meanderings, Routes, Reports, Businesses, People posted.

16 Feb 04 [Coleman, TX -- 170.0 miles from Round Rock, TX]
Eric is still resting his shin. We hope to be back on the road by 08:00 tomorrow morning.
Updates to Navigation Frame, Routes, Reports, new home page posted.